Delivering boutique fund administration and accounting services to the alternative investment industry including: hedge funds, venture capital funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, and family offices.
Fund Administration, Fund Accounting, Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Office, Trust Accounting, Partnership Accounting, Portfolio Aggregation
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MG Stover & Co. is a full service fund administration firm built by former auditors and fund operators to deliver world class solutions to the alternative investment industry. By partnering with our clientele, we become an institutional extension of their management team while delivering a boutique experience

We empower investment managers; reducing their operational cost, enhancing their reporting capabilities and exceeding their investor’s expectations.


Hedge Funds

Our team can address the needs of all hedge fund managers including but not limited to; new launch or established funds, standalone or complex structure, or have simple or esoteric portfolios.

Fund of Funds

With technology and in-depth private investment experience, our team provides value-added reporting to assist managers with portfolio, performance and liquidity monitoring while effectively communicating with investors.

Single/Multi Family Office

Our team offers high-touch, customized services and aggregation reporting to the Family Office team, allowing our clientele to focus on asset management, tax planning, and other value-add solutions for family members.

Private Equity

Through deep industry expertise, our team will remove the middle and back-office burden from GP's to manage complicated accounting, complex fund structures, waterfall schedules and preferred return calculations.

Venture Capital

Our team is experienced in managing the high deal volume and fast pace deal activity of VC funds while providing extensive and relevant reporting.

Real Estate

Our experience providing solutions to a wide variety of Real Estate funds allows managers to utilize our back office solutions to focus on their fund's assets and aquisitions.

“We consider ourselves an extension of your team, even though we are an independent, third party fund administrator. At the end of the day, we are here to remove the operational burden off your shoulders and on to ours. That is what we are good at, that’s our expertise.”


"The fund launched at the beginning of 2015 and MG Stover & Co.'s support during the start-up process was invaluable. They are a resource for a wide range of issues and were always quick to provide information and solutions. They are a key partner in our ongoing operation and a resource to help us continue to grow."

Hedge Fund - Austin, TX

"Outsourcing our fund accounting and administration to MG Stover & Co. had an immediate impact on our fund management business. We were able to leverage MG Stover’s industry knowledge and technical expertise to make significant improvements to our accounting and reporting processes. As a result of the efficiencies gained by working with MG Stover, we have been able to focus our energies towards managing our investment portfolios and running our business."

Private Equity - Chicago, IL

"The team at MG Stover & Co. has gone above and beyond to provide us with the best customer service possible. Not only have they been able to support the complex accounting and reporting needs of our fund structures but we feel that they always place our needs at the top of the list. MG Stover has consistently delivered regardless of the time involved or scope of the project. Their efforts have enabled us to meet the needs of our investor base and have helped us achieve success in the first 3 years."

Private Equity - Denver, CO

"We have utilized MG Stover as our fund administrator since 2011. There have been many times that either institutional investors or fund marketers recommend that we use a larger administrator. We always stick with MG Stover because of the great relationships we’ve developed and the efforts they have made to support us as we have grown our fund."

Hedge Fund - San Antonio, TX

"Prior to switching to MG Stover in 2012 we used one of the largest administration firms. The Stover team provided for a seamless transition and their client service has been a vast improvement from what we received previously. MG Stover has always responded as quickly as possible to all of our inquiries and we are confident that we can rely on them to follow through on their responsibilities. They provide much more technical proficiency than our prior administrator and we now have a more attentive and available service provider. The team goes above the scope of their commitment with diligence, detail and expertise."

Fund of Fund - New York, NY

"MG Stover has been our administrator since March 2013. We have found that they deliver a dependable and consistent service that is comparable if not superior to the larger administrator that we used previously. They have been able to support us as we have grown and adapt their services to structural changes that we have employed in our strategy. We have access to a variety of resources and services including treasury management, investor services, and audit and tax support that is all included in the standard engagement. We believe MG Stover offers a top quality product at a great value."

Hedge Fund - Denver, CO


Fund Accounting

Through deep industry experience as auditors and fund operators, we specialize in portfolio, financial and partnership accounting for open and closed-end pooled investment vehicles.

Audited Financial Statements Prep

Our team works closely with many leading Audit firms and will assist in audit planning and preparation of draft audited financial statements.

Corporate Accounting

We provide accounting and operational support to general partner and management company entities including automating bill processing, fund reimbursement tracking, and general consulting.

Fund Launch & Conversion Support

We have assisted managers with hundreds of new launches and service provider conversions and have the process and team in place to ensure a smooth and seamless experience.

Treasury Management

Our dedicated treasury team will assist in operating account setup, cash controls, balance maintenance and initiating cash transactions to ensure your fund mitigates fraudulent activity and operates smoothly.

Investor Relations

Our experienced team will process all investor documents, perform KYC due diligence, enhanced AML verification using World Check One, and handle any and all communication with investors.

Secure Web Portal

We provide a secure web portal that provides managers and investors access to periodic and year-end reporting, manager letters/updates, as well as dashboards and data visualizations.

Capital Call and Distribution

We handle all aspects of the capital call and distributions including cash flow analysis, allocation to investors, opt-outs, fee waivers, investor notification and payment tracking.

Investor Fee Calculation

We calculate and report all investor fees no matter the complexity including management fees based on commitments, called capital or capital balances along with fee rebates; and performance allocation or carried interest calculations with hurdles/preferred returns, waterfalls/tiers, and claw-backs.