Our teams have Big 4 and industry experience from some of the world’s most elite companies.

Boutique Experience, Institutional Grade Service

At MG Stover, we take a personalized approach to each of our client engagements. We strive to provide a boutique experience with institutional grade service. Our dedicated teams guide managers through the entire onboarding process to ensure smooth fund launches and seamless service provider conversions.
& Admin

Fund Accounting
and Administration

Accuracy, Timeliness & Accountability, Delivered

Reporting & Investor Packages

We provide NAV calculations, partner allocations, performance metrics, individual capital statements and side pocket calculations. For our closed end funds, we also handle capital calls, distribution notices, waterfall calculations and equalizations.

Accuracy, Timeliness & Accountability, Delivered

Portfolio Accounting & Reconciliation

Our dedicated portfolio reconciliation and fund accounting teams provide audited financial statements, cash management and trade processing files.

Accuracy, Timeliness & Accountability, Delivered

Corporate Accounting

We offer General Partner accounting and bookkeeping services to keep all of your accounting and back office needs in one place.

Accuracy, Timeliness & Accountability, Delivered

Service Provider Communication

We establish and maintain tight-knit relationships with the best fund service providers in the industry. We work as a liaison between you and your engaged banks, audit & tax firms, law firms, etc.

Accuracy, Timeliness & Accountability, Delivered

Secure Web Portal

We provide managers and investors access to periodic and year-end reporting, manager letters/updates, as well as dashboards and data visualizations. This includes K-1 distribution as well as investor communications that fund managers would like to include during the distribution of investor statements.


Investor Services

The Investor Services Team supports both fund managers and investors, not only during transaction times but throughout the relationship, with timely and professional communication. We have an appreciation for the distinctions between various fund structures, and the nuances of investor needs; from high net-worth individuals to large institutional investors. Our investor services include the following:
Transaction Processing
Detailed review and analysis per the fund terms such as subscription, transfer and withdrawal documentation, commitment packages, capital calls, distributions and the recording of key investor data.
Investor Communication
Day to day professional responses to investor inquiries or requests. We work closely with our clients to ensure investor communication is in line with their vision.
Identity Theft & Red Flag Controls
We maintain accurate investor information and implement strict processes and controls to help mitigate the risk of fraud against the investor.
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Know your Customer (KYC)
We thoroughly review investor files to ensure appropriate completeness for client Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer adherence.

Treasury Services

Our Treasury services team works with the client and their financial institution to administer online banking platforms and provide key cash movement services. The Treasury team works in direct partnership with all MG Stover operational departments including Fund Accounting, Investor Services, and Compliance, while ensuring a segregation of duties with independent transaction preparation and review for wire release by the client as so requested or scheduled. We assist our clients in making timely investments and provide their investors with the confidence in cash movement safety.
Bank Account Setup
We work with our clients and their financial institution to establish banking access rights for the client and internal users and then administer their online banking platforms.
Independence and Internal Controls
We adhere to controls at each step of the process including call-backs, multiple levels of permissioning, dual internal approval, and client participation in release of funds.
Wire Initiation
This includes both individual and bulk wire release.
Cash Movement Oversight
We monitor all cash movement including fund investments, redemption or distribution wires, fund expense payment wires and subscription or capital call reconciliation.

Compliance and
Regulatory Support

Cayman AML Officers
Provision of natural persons to serve as each of the requisite Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer, Money Laundering Reporting Officer of Deputy Money Laundering Officer roles for Cayman Islands funds.
Full suite of FATCA/CRS support services including fund and portal registration, investor classification, on-going investor due diligence, record keeping, reporting to/on behalf of a fund, withholding and maintenance of written policies and procedures.
Regulatory Inquiries
Robust support to both fund and advisor clients with regards to any exams or inquiries from governing and regulatory bodies.